• Sigh

    acdc2There goes another partner and a lot more. Why? Because I have a paunch. I’m 65 and I have a paunch. I worked very hard at this relationship. I shaved every other day , which I loathe. I stopped smoking admittedly it was the right thing to do but I had been through cancer without stopping. You see we were due to meet in rl and I couldn’t have the smell of tobacco about me. I started going to the gym and went on a diet again for a good reason I have high cholesterol but this alone wouldn’t have been enough to make me change my way of life. It was trying to reach the “stunning” level. “Stunning” is how she describes herself with a weight of 62 kilos. I was 82 down to 80 now. But in Skype there were the snide remarks about my weight. I upped my training regime as I knew it was the only way to get the pounds off and it was too much for me. I also changed my medication reducing my anti depressants by half. (they contribute to weight gain) I realised I would not have my paunch gone by February when we were due to meet.

    She realised it too.


    I had been there for all the milestones. Getting a cat, getting more cats, blogging about them, writing a book (s) and getting her in the frame of mind that writing is what she should be doing, deciding to return to the UK, getting the idea that maybe she didn’t need to work as she had done in Oz, all these things i had contributed to. And now I am discarded because I have a paunch. When I ended the relationship for yes twas I that did it, when I ended the relation ship the email went like this:

    On 25 Sep 2014, at 5:24 pm, philip@irishsecure.com wrote:

    I told Siani we are having problems and she said: [2014/09/24 07:46] Siani: just keep in mind, life is short, and every minute together is precious, so no matter the fault, remember the love and put the small stuff aside [2014/09/24 07:48] Siani: make the first move, no matter the rights and wrongs, don’t make me get you both in a chat and bang your heads together :P

    So I went back to see what the problem is : me being overweight. I have reduced my weight producing medication and tried to up my training regime but I know this will take longer than 6 months. This problem is insurmountable. I cannot become stunning like you. So go find someone who is and I will find someone who is less stunning. I am ending our partnership. You have told me frequently how many offers you get daily so I can’t see you having a problem. Lets stay friends. No need to disappear. I’m only in sl for hosting now. If you want to meet up let me know. Fond regards Philip / Dude

    On 2014-09-25 02:34, Gmail she wrote:

     A particularly nasty subject given my ethnicity. Clearly you already have someone in mind so I wont argue. Sent from my iPhone

    (my reply)

    Your ethnicity? I have no idea what you are talking about. 
    I have someone in mind????? OMG what a narrow minded person you are.

    She is from Kings Lynn in Norfolk UK for gods sake whats “ethnic” about that? But the thing to notice is that there is no protest, no hurt, no thought to what we have been through.  I therefore presume she is relieved and at the moment her pride is stopping her from being a proper human being.

    Of course the paunch is only a metaphor for my lack of perfection something that Storm has achieved.




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  • Second Life Cats

    One of the most popular pastimes in Second Life is caring for, feeding and breeding virtual animals. Over the years these animals have improved and developed and a whole community of Second Life breeders and traders has emerged.

    KittyCatS! ™ are highly interactive cats that can be petted and cuddled. They will follow you and play with you. There are lots of breeds and sizes, including teacup, toy, petite, normal and MegaPuss. There are also special collection cats that will breed one unique baby. It is compelling and addictive and fascinating. http://kittycats.biz.

    What is fascinating is the way in which these cats become real. When they are born an imprinting occurs and this sets the scene for reality to step in.

    They become attached. They follow you and talk in local chat. They need feeding or they get sick, they sleep a lot. You give them affection, breed them and end up with baby cats. Their lineage is recorded. They develop a personality.

    Great fun you should try it!

    The SLurl for the shop is :

    Visit the Main store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ScratchN%20Post%20Too/22/68/22

    New Stall at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Just%20Too%20Adorable/149/170/22

    The Book is at : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IFRFR7G/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_E9xbtb119JPH8

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  • New System and I love it!

    Yes its super. Great processor oodles of RAM and a good graphics card. Second Life flies without any jerkiness. But as i realised many years ago the front end aka monitor is one of the most important things. I bought a computer in 1994 spent over half of the total cost on the 17 inch monitor which I still have. I have a 22 inch with a blemish on the bottom but its still usable. I didn’t “need” a new monitor. BUT this was a computer upgrade so it had to be better than my last system. I was scared about spending so much money on a new 27 inch monitor. I debated whether to buy a higher resolution than 1920 x 1080 but the price doubled. And now I am glad I didn’t. As my old 22 inch runs at 1920 x 1080 I discovered I can merge the two into one without any disparity in the resolutions. There is no need to resize any window for the smaller to larger monitor and vice versa. One screen slides seamlessly into the other. In the video below you will see second life captured over two monitors seamlessly. The clarity of the new monitor is great and trust me 27 inches is far bigger than 22 inches. Having trouble with the capture but below gives you an idea. YouTube isn’t big enough LOL. Heres the capture but it doesn’t do it justice….

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  • Tails From The Cat Shop Special Offer

    6 to 12 June 2014
    Buy for a limited time special discount
    Follow this link:




    bookFantasy meets Reality in Cyberspace, in a world where our online and offline experiences, friendships and even, our identities are excitingly entangled. Avatars are extensions of us, leading lives parallel to our own dull everyday existence. Having a Virtual Life sets you free to dream and some dreams do come true.

    Meet the Divine Penny, the Italian-speaking Siamese cat, with the delicate chocolate paws, and find out if Professor Poppett’s poodle recovers from ‘indoor barking syndrome’. Go on an adventure in the alligator infested bayou to hunt for the Golden Kitten and find out why love always wins the day.



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  • Tablet

    My computer won’t run Second Life because there is a fault in the motherboard (RAM sockets). I am buying a new computer but don’t know when, it could be a month or it could be three. So I decided to buy a tablet. I chose from three and picked the one with the most powerful spec :

    ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 ME173X …

    ASUS MEMOPAD ME173X, MediaTek MT8125 CPU 1.2Ghz Quad-core, 1 Micro USB, 16GB Storage, 7″ HD Display (ME173X-1B018A)

    One reason I chose the Asus was because my gf has an Asus laptop. A good name in computing.

    It cost €125 and is a nice piece of tech. I bought from Elara in Ireland and got it in 4 days.  Here is the first screen:


    The blue upside down triangle on the left is Lumiya, the sl client for tablets.  Installation as with all tablet widgets was fast and easy. Once installed you have a settings page with some usual features like changing rendering , draw distance etc. Rendering is a bit slow but not too bad.

    Screenshot_2014-05-25-06-46-20You have the option of 3D view like the above. You can also chat as below:


    This is fine but when you want to chat the keyboard takes up a lot of room:



    I have decided to get a Bluetooth keyboard..

    Overall its quite awesome and very usable. With practice it will do the job and I hosted with it for 4 hours. Not bad at all.



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  • Bite The Bullet

    Yes I have to give up. I’ve tried everything to make 8 gigs of RAM work on my computer without success. People at Firestorm they have Jira where you can post your problems but I didn’t really get anywhere. I tried everything. I’m running 64 bit windows with 4 gigs of RAM and it works, for now. But I have lost confidence in it. My current system is over 5 years old, so it’s ready for replacement. So I’m going to buy a new PC.

    Another Dell

    Base is an XPS 8700 i7 – 4770 4th Gen 3.7 GHz, which can be overclocked to 3.9 GHz.
    This is the current fastest processor around.
    Memory 16GB Dual Channel DDR3 1600MHz – 4 DIMMs can be expanded to 32 gigs
    Video Card AMD Radeon HD R9 270 2GB GDDR5 I looked this card up and its pretty good, 2 gigs is good enough memory
    (I’m keeping my monitor unless I decide to have two)
    Hard Drive 2TB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive + Intel SRT 32GB SSD Cache 2 terabytes is good for these days, the solid state Cache speeds things up. I have 3 TB on my USB drives

    It has lots of room for expansion. Cost €1,239 inc taxes and shipping

    have to wait for new ID so can’t buy until the end of May

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  • Having a terrible time

    I just spent all my savings on upgrading my computer, primarily so i could be up to date with Second Life. I upgraded to a 64 bit system with 8 gigs of RAM which is probably pretty standard now. Everything works fine EXCEPT SL. The system freezes after a few minutes. So I tried

    1. Using recommended graphics drivers as per wiki : no difference. Tried different drivers …no good.
    2. Spent hours testing RAM with no difference. Firestorm works with 4 gigs of RAM which makes having 64 bits pointless.
    3. Reinstalled Windows and just installed FS, no difference.
    4. Posted a jira to FS site no one has answered. This could take months.

    Yesterday I spent hours researching, reading forums and posting to them. One thread decided it was my power supply that needed upgrading. Not doing that would mean dismantling the PC. This is very frustrating.

    I am able to go into SL providing I have my graphics set to low. I managed to do my shift.


    I was crashing so much Siani created a body double for me. But this is not funny when it come down to it. My SL experience with low graphics is not good. All I can do is wait for the Jira response. It is very frustrating especially as everything is supposed to be better. Everything else on my computer works fine its just SL.

    Not a happy bunny anyone got any ideas?

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  • Tails From The Cat Shop

    Great new book out from Storm! Must Read! Click on the picture to buy.

    Fantasy meets Reality in Cyberspace, in a world where our online and offline experiences, friendships and even, our identities are excitingly entangled. Avatars are extensions of us, leading lives parallel to our own dull everyday existence. There are no limits to our Virtual Lives and we are free to live in any World we choose. Having a Virtual Life sets you free to dream and some dreams do come true.

    Storm and Dude are partners. In spite of the fiercely opposing time zones, they meet and fall in love on the dance floor of the Junkyard Blues Club in the Virtual World of Second Life. They begin collecting breedable cats and their Second Life gets very crowded, so together they open Not Another Kitten, a Cat Shop in Cyberspace. Then the Cat Shop meets the University and both Worlds collide with laughter.

    Meet the Divine Penny, the Italian-speaking Siamese cat, with the delicate chocolate paws, and find out if Professor Poppett’s poodle recovers from ‘indoor barking syndrome’. Go on an adventure in the alligator infested bayou to hunt for the Golden Kitten and find out why love always wins the day.

    tails book

    Quite an achievment. Started as a blog and became a book. Well done Storm very proud of you!

    Heres the URL again : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IFRFR7G

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  • 2013 – 2014

    Had a fun filled time this holiday season as videos attest. Here are a few videos:

    And New Year

    We had great fun. Now to get back to work:

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  • Happy Birthday My Storm


    Hey Its your Birthday! A day to celebrate your days on the plant! Hope you treat yourself to something nice. You have changed my life ( for the better- lol) Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Much Love

    Dude / Philip

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