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In 1984, while reading Psychology at Brunel University,  I worked on a government led national network for the public to access job information via touch screens. In those days the computer department was run by Psychologists. In 1996 I became an ISP. In 2004 everything crashed including my marriage. I went mad and was hospitalised then became an alcoholic. In 2009 I re invented myself and became a domain registrar and web hosting company. In 2011 I got  lung cancer. They gave me a 5% chance of surviving. 4 months ago I got the all clear.

I’m back.

I have created this forum for people to post their loves, hates, concerns, desires wether it is in the “real” world or the “electronic” one. I make no distinction. I will try and help if asked. I have skills. One of the things I think people should do is to have their own domain. this will cost you somewhere in the region of $15 a year. Thats 20 cents a week. You can have your own web site and your own email accounts. I will help you. Hosting is free. Just about everything on the Internet is free. Why not? Answers on a postage stamp , bet you cannot fill it. Of course this Forum is a great place to say “Why not”.

This Forum  will be administered and moderated by myself until I can get helpers. My main domain Irish Secure, a name I have had since 1996, is  here [url][/url] and is embryonic. My blog is at [url][/url]. I am an avid Second Life user, Blogger, Movie maker.

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