Partners 3 & 4 out of 4

Partners 3 & 4 out of 4

Ok let me set the scene:

Lets see. You are in a Blues Club like jyb . ..Its Your Club. When you arrive you are greeted warmly by a good few people.  There is the music playing with a live DJ and a host. You look cool. You chat publicly coming up with the occasional witty remark that people and maybe the DJ comment on. You are a good dancer.  Your  profile is a mixture of fun, seriousness, and wit. a girl across a crowded dance floor sends you a private message. ”  Hey nice profile”

GREAT PICK UP LINE! You start chatting, you amuse her  not making an overt move, being nice and interested in her as a person. (In clubs you have animated dances for couples. You get a menu and the dances range from fun (jive star) to more intimate slow dances to down right sexy dances and kissing.) You ask her to dance. You  DO NOT go for an intimate one. You hardly know the girl.

You chat more becoming more intimate , laughing with each other. You get on really well. You do this for an hour or so. When the Dj changes shift you say ” Hey I know this club where no one goes wanna see? ” Of course she says yes. You tp (teleport ) there then teleport her. “This club belongs to a friend of mine, she lets me use it anytime.” It is really cool. You have the blues playing on the radio. You fun dance then a little more intimate. Then you give her the tour.

Heres a vid show you better: (omgg just checked my YouTube stats 51k views…cool),  my blip sites are much less of course, this one from one of my blip sites)  The quality is not bad so please watch in full screen. Warning its 20 minutes long which is why it didn’t go on youtube. The first part uses  sl sound the second narration.



Thanks >>>>

When you think about it this is no different from real life.

i would get dressed, looking cool and go out to my favourite club. I was popular and would be greeted by all. i would dance, looking good. A single girl would spot me and start to chat. After a bit we would dance and so on.

It was like that with Xexe. (btw I haven’t changed the vowels in my first 3 partners…..funny) We got on wonderfully and had a great time promising to meet each other the next day. The next day we acted like young lovers delighting in each others company. Laughing, giggling, poking, cuddling,  dancing, walking hand in hand through fairy glades [Will someone PLEASE do a hand-in-hand animation]. We kissed. We shared rl photos and I nearly died. She was so goddam young and very very beautiful. We talked and talked all about our real lives. We fell in love.. Listen up! If this had been “real life” it would have been exactly the same!!!!!!

The next day we partnered. In real life we would have flown to Vegas. THEN we made love for the first time.

It was getting near Halloween and we decorated my island and dressed up. Can’t find the pics but here is a pic of us at home:

She wasn’t online much as she had a thriving business in rl. Plus she was in Texas. I noticed a cooling. We were in jyb and hadn’t seen each other for a bit. I was down as I do. Everything in sl suddenly became unreal for me. I’m mad remember. In the middle of a dance I told her she wasn’t real and that sl was just a game and poofed.

I came back the next day. We had a bit of a row and she left.  Then I got the message that we were no longer partners. Ten minutes later she had a new partner.

I found out later that she had gone back to her first love. She contacted me last week, her current partner was MIA. The day before yesterday we chatted, she said she had dumped him….any chance….? No dear girl (she is  too young for me), will always have fond memories and no regrets, I know you still love me but…………


 My Fourth Partner

did not  happen in jyb! It happened in Wharf the other blues club. i turned up and was welcomed. I knew the dj and the host. Heres a bit about dance HUDS. You saw  me use one in the vid.These are dance animations that you can wear and chose a dance that you have loaded onto the hud. I have about 40 on mine compassing about 5 different styles. Good animations that have been stop motioned from the actions of real world dancers. They cost a fortune and are superb. You can invite others to dance on your hud, mine can hold 16. I started my hud and then got an invitation from the host. I thought she sent it twice so I accepted twice.It was strange, I would stop  and do a  different dance  from the host. Ahh it  was a girl to my right. Ha! Great pick up line. btw there are 5  women to every man in sl. I went and danced near here  and stopped all animations. I asked her to HUD me again. I was still screwed. OMG I looked a complete idiot. We cracked up. But not a very auspicious start. I relogged and we got it sorted.

What attracted me most was that she was a Dj, very cool person. We gave each other a potted history. She was Cuban living in USA. I put on my Che Guevara Tee Shirt. Oh dear she said she wasn’t a communist. (I  flagged this as a warning sign that we were not compatible.  Long story short we went to her place and went on voice (real microphones) .

We were on voice for 16 hours. She had a girl friend which I said was ok, she was bi. The next day we partnered. Then I had  a low. Not good. Please see ……POOF for the rest of the story. We are still friends.


I  have a girlfriend now.

I just don’t understand partnering.

What I do know is that second life is part of my real life, part of my real world.


Here is a picture of my partner of two years. Perhaps the only partner I really need?

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63 with the energy of a 25 year old the coolness of a 30 something and the wisdom knowing that hiding your light under a bushel is daft

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