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As you can see I am becoming a tad pro.My goal is cyberrealism. I see great pictures of avatars but they still remain o so avatarish.  So you will be   seeing more shadows and lighting effects. BTW dear readers this ain’t no buy point and click. Nor is it buy read the 32 page manual point and click.  Its finding shadows are not supported in Phoenix or singularity but only in second life viewer which is crap. However there is a Beta that has just been updated. It aint half bad. When I do a photo shoot will use that.

Starting  to theme pictures : Don’t forget  you can right click and view image to get the full glory.


I am writing a piece called Cyberculture of h2g2 (Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy  where I have become a researcher. Second Life is a cyberculture but I guess I have to prove it. I have registered cyberkulture dot com , the closest I could get. its not ready yet will send you an im. .

Wiki says :

Cyberculture is the culture that has emerged, or is emerging, from the use of computer networks for communication, entertainment, and business. It is also the study of various social phenomena associated with the Internet and other new forms of network communication, such as online communities, online multi-player gaming, social gaming, social media, and texting,[1] and includes issues related to identity, privacy, and network formation.

Please spare a thought for my gf Catty she is a bit under the weather.

That’s all for now folks. Any suggestions leave a comment



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