The Fool

sotonomyLove? HUH!!

Women fall in “love” with me in second life and it always turns out not to be “love”. Not how I define it anyway. I have an attractive avatar, I can be witty and fun in chat. I am intelligent. Well read and intellectual be an asset at a dinner party and can rough it in a swamp. As you can see from my history i have had 4 partners in second life 1 & 2 are hstormcloseere and 3 & 4 are here. potential 5th is listed here and I fell in love with her alt.  She told me she loved me, they all did and I believed them. Well to be honest I didn’t believe the last one but was too enamored to turn her down. How foolish was that? Knew in my gut she wasn’t IN love with me. AND OMG she is the same avatar as Wynter! So You Knew, you  IDIOT! but she is one of the most wonderful people in sl, fucking hard to top. and i blew it. Told  my daughter and my close friends omg what a fool they will think me.  AND I am lost and alone again. Fool. Where am I going wrong? I am loveable I think, warm and caring. I must have something to initiate such a reaction in the first place. AND I have not done all the chasing either……..

So there is something wrong with me, its the only conclusion I can come to. But what and how can I change?  I feel like a fool. Maybe I should just wear my jester costume all the time. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME????? I give up on second life.  They have all made a fool out of me, publicly.



ANYWAY here is a funny cartoon.




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