Older Citizens

Been awhile. You may or may not know that I am bipolar. I take my meds and it keeps me on an almost even keel verging on depressed. Been like this for a couple of years, no oompf! But now I’ve got it back.

I have a project

I am conscious of the demographic re older citizens, there are a lot. I am also aware that there is a lot of isolation and loneliness. I am also aware that our older citizens are potentially a great resource. They have history. A couple of years ago I gave a talk on blogging for Age Action. I wasn’t very good. So I thought why not create a blog tutorial blog; how to set up a free one and I mean free (I am non-profit). There are a lot of Older Citizen groups out there and I mean globally too, and they all have email addresses.

So I created a free wordpress.com blog http://OlderCitizens.wordpress.com with tutorials if you have a minute I could do with some feedback. I also have http://OlderCitizens.com which you might ike to see. Cool name.

So I have my enthusiasm back, I’m writing again and I love blogs.

Might even get them interested in Second Life LOL!


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63 with the energy of a 25 year old the coolness of a 30 something and the wisdom knowing that hiding your light under a bushel is daft

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