Statistics for Second Life and White Supremacy

Taken from : Grid

Second Life Grid Survey – Region Database

Total Residents:31,590,193 | Residents online:31,774 | Last update:2012-11-21 03:00:02 SLT

Second Life Main Grid size as of 20 Nov 2012

Ownership Total General Moderate Adult Offline Total Area (km²)
Total 28371 4146 20481 3741 3 1859.32
Linden Owned 7105 1729 5028 346 2 465.63
Private Estates 21266 2417 15453 3395 1 1393.69


Summary Charts :

Top 10 Estates by number of regions (2nd Nov 2012)

    • The Top 10 Estates by number of regions held are as follows:
    • RGF Estates Inc 5.3%
    • Dreamseeker Estates 3.2%
    • Zoha Islands 3.1%
    • Azure Islands 2.8%
    • Jessica Chung 2.2%
    • Weezles Real Estate (WRE) 2.1%
    • Victoria Chung 2.1%
    • Miriam Chung 2.1%
    • Lala Rentals 1.7%
    • Fruit Islands Estate 1.5%

N.B. Known ACS holdings are 12.5%

When I used to use Phoenix viewer It told me how many people were online. This varied between 30k and 50k. Hi Sonja btw. .

World Internet Stats

White Supremacy

hahahaha scared the shit outta ya a? lolol. I hang out in Blues clubs. We all know that the blues were invented by black people. (note I grew up in a black neighbourhood in london. I was on my local train station. There were about 100 people there. I was the only white guy. I’m English I don’t use African American)
So far I met two black people out of hundreds of people. I was told some black people get white avatars to avoid discrimination! HORROR! Linden Labs is based in California but has a world wide demographic. Where are all the black people? [search for ghetto…no results] .Not very good is it. 50k users ….we outta have a good percentage. Maybe I haven’t found them yet. Had a white guy wearing dreadlocks (cringe) . Smoking dope is a regular accepted pastime. AND dear readers black slaves were freed in 1862 , you fought a civil war. How come black people were still only allowed in the back of buses 100 years later? k sorry shock tactics required :
Billie sang this 80 years after slavery ended?

Please remember I am only observing what I see. Seems to me sl is a tad WASP ish. AND Do not forget I totally Love second life. It has changed my life for oh so much good. My rl is non existent apart from dd (darling daughter) Mick (best friend in the world) Helena (cleaning lady) and Patrick her son. I wake up and log in to sl. I do not log off until I go to bed 18 hours later.

BUT ladies and gentleman , I have a dream……


I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.”

I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.

I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of interposition and nullification; one day right there in Alabama, little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.

I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.

This is our hope. This is the faith that I go back to the South with. With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. With this faith we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. With this faith we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day.

This will be the day when all of God’s children will be able to sing with a new meaning, “My country, ’tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrim’s pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring.”

And if America is to be a great nation this must become true. So let freedom ring from the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire. Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New York. Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania!

Let freedom ring from the snowcapped Rockies of Colorado!

Let freedom ring from the curvaceous slopes of California!

But not only that; let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia!

Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee!

Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi. From every mountainside, let freedom ring.

And when this happens, when we allow freedom to ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, “Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

And they shot him. They shot John too.

Martin, John, me, you are reading this so I hope YOU. Dreamers. Jeez I’m no Martin Luther King Jr, I’m no John Lennon. Never will be. BUT dear readers if everyone just did a little bit we might go about changing the mess we are in. Leave a comment if you agree.


Dude / Philip


Dancing Dude
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“rl” / “sl”



rl = real life as opposed to something in cyberspace.

sl = second life an online world.

Exploring and trying to understand the complex relationship people have between sl and rl. Why? Coz doin stuff like this is a buzz for me. I am still very nrw to sl.


When I first joined second life I noticed that in ones profile there is  a tab that says “First Life”. I perved (slspeak look at someones profile) others profile and they nearly all said fuck off. So I did the same, admittedly with a haiku but in essence the same. Why I wondered. Why were people wanting to hide? Were they ashamed of who they were or were they immersing themselves in their fantasy? What are they scared of? Perhaps their real life is too drab and boring. lol. oops challenging a. lolol (It never is by the way they are just not living, seeing it properly or are victims). Life is wonderful. If yours isn’t change it. Jeez. So in my profile 1st life tab I will put info. sec doin it now.

When a thing is said the lips become very cold, like the autumn wind.
Londoner l’m Bipolar Manic Depressive.  I’m 63 have 2 degrees been a carer most of  my life. world traveler I blog. i make no distinction between rl and sl. i am the same in both.

I am a public figure. (I’ve had 64k reads on my book site 48k on youtube so I guess I’ve touched 100k people) Like anyone else who is striving to change the world. I do not want nor do not have a secret life. I have nothing to hide. In my view that is dishonest and almost the realm of perversion, certainly a persons character might be brought into question. By being “public” I am giving the world a certain amount of power over me. So what? What they gonna do kill me? hrumpf not frightened of death. So do I understand the dichotomy between rl and sl? I guess not.

But dear readers it is the persons choice. I am just  observing. If you don’t like it leave a comment. Better still start your own blog.

Go Here to blog


Note : There is a Time Compression at work in sl. What might take weeks in rl  can happen in a few hours in sl. It is intense.

In sl you  can friend someone. This means you can see when they come online and when they go offline. They appear in your friends list. In the clubs there are people called hosts. They greet people and help them. They also keep chat going and help stimulate conversation. They facilitate fun. They also have the power to eject someone for unruly behaviour and even ban them if the unruly behaviour persists. I host in three clubs. Therefore i have work friends .

For private friends I am very slow to friend someone. I like to get to know them first. Before I friend them I ask them privately if they want to. This saves the person the embarrassment of declining. It is good manners.  I have about 27 friends in sl, most of them women. Here is an interesting case that illustrates several points.

When I  joined sl this time (I was there 3 years ago) on my second day I discovered this blues club. I was welcomed warmly. Anyway long story short I became a regular. I  made friends and even had 3 partners. I eventually became a host. A person there I found a little forbidding. She was a star. I was impressed and a bit scared of her. A week ago I was invited to a friends place to see her new  home. This lady was there. We all went on voice using our microphones instead of typing. Her voice was so warm and sexy and friendly and just plain nice. I asked her to be my friend and she said it was amazing  we hadn’t become friends before. I was very pleased.

Last night I  was hosting. I don’t know what I said or did but the Dj told me I had upset the lady in question.  I searched for her in my friends list and couldn’t find her. I went to search typed in her name and sent her an instant message (im) apologising profusely and asking her what I had done wrong. She told me to leave her alone. I was very upset. I then realised she had de friended me. I was a bit distraught. I asked her to explain so I would learn not to make the same mistake again. She said she was not in sl to facilitate my learning but to have fun. Go away.

I resigned as a host for Softail. I sent her this notecard :

Hey Softy

Sorry dear I am very upset  where Aida is concerned. Because I said she talked too much she spread honey on my chest and poured fire ants over me. I was bitten by one fire ant in Thailand. It was terrible my whole leg up to my thigh was on fire. Dozens on my chest would cause absolute agony. . They have fire ants in Mexico.

I tried very hard to apologize. I asked her to tell me where I went wrong. She just said she was in sl for fun not to facilitate my learning. She de friended me.

Aida is much loved and respected in jyb but her “game” is far too tough for a gentle soul like myself. I will stay away.

Sorry Softy can’t host for you anymore.  

I used to deal with the most depraved and violent offenders in rl as a Probation Officer, in London,   on one of the worst estates in Europe, for 8  long years. So don’t think I’m a wimp. Its just that  I’ve done my bit. I don’t always get sl “jokes”. Sorry.

Much love



I think it was this in relating it to a friend:

[02:25 AM]  dudestarship2: What happened was that a very popular very nice person here threw me to the ground ripped off my shirt poured honey over my chest and tipped a jar of fire ants over me. then defriended me. it was because i made a joke that she talked too much

I have written that I am the same in rl and sl. If I make a friend in rl and they do something to upset me I do not disown them. If they come to me and say they are sorry and did not understand what they had done I would  have sat them down, explained and ended up with a hug. Friends are precious. Not so in sl it seems. Perhaps it is because with a click of your mouse you can banish someone. Because you have made them angry. ooops anger is a rl emotion……………..

my chat friend sad:

[02:33 AM]  aaa: OMG stop thinking real ,,, this is a game  but unlike other games it connects to peoples emotions , I cried when dumped ,I cried when walked in on my wife dancing with  a man , I cried when my husband in IW asked me to marry him .I cried when John decided to return to SL ,,, X  has a SL wife no place for me but I wont cry this time because I have learnt to play the game
[02:34 AM]  dudestarship2: thats why i’m introspective. this is a game?
[02:34 AM]  dudestarship2: feels pretty goddam real to me
[02:34 AM]  aaa: it can be a game that hurts

Perhaps the fault is mine. Sl is only about fun and is not a social community?


>>> Blog about how groups are described as families, everywhere
>>> Blog about how real families are created with parents, siblings etc
>>> Comment on people becoming  brothers and sisters especially women
>>> Describe Partnerships and marriages and those that have moved from sl to rl
>>> Gotta do a blog on sex.
>>> Discuss relationships that have lasted years.
>>> REM emotions experienced in sl aren’t real

yeah right

Best Stats I could find Jan 1St 2012 . How many people play sl daily?


on 01-17-2012 09:00 PM

There is a web page that posts the number of players logged in when the page is queried. There are scripts in SL that can read the page and give you the number. I have one in my house. It shows the most people online since I restarted it 1/1/2012 is 68,400+ and the least 30,800+/-.

Presumably some significant number of players do not login every day. I don’t.

Of the 600+ people in one of the groups I like about 250 of them have logged in in the last week. Some where around 375 have logged in within the month. About 200+/- haven’t logged in for a year. I can’t say this group is representative of all of SL. But, I think it does show a bit of a pattern. If one extrapolates on these numbers, we can assume the 68k is about 1/3 to 1/2 of those playing. That would mean there are 150k to 200k regular players pretty easily. But, these numbers don’t take time into account.

If one figures that as the planet rotates the population in SL changes… then we should use some multiplier for those numbers. Waking and sleep cycles change who is logged in. We peak about 2 or 3 PM PST. This suggests that Europe and east cost USA provide the peak players. About 12 hours later the numbers hit the day’s low. Knowing exactly how to divide things up is not possible. I can speculate there are 3 or 4 major groups of time zone players. If it is 4 I would say there are something like 800k daily players.

There are no good stats to show an accurate number of players. Tateru Nino posts stats.

In general it appears user numbers are decreasing. But, with the addition of mesh, we are seeing a change in behavior of SL users. They spend more time outside SL building things for sales and use in SL. New World Notes posted an article on the change and SL’s placement in users stats for games. It too shows a change in user habits. These changes seem to suggest while SL is getting more players, concurrent logins appear decreased because time in game has decreased. More people are on for less time.

There just aren’t any clear numbers. The Lab doesn’t release detailed numbers. So, it is hard to know. We can speculate that if the numbers were really charming the Lab would be bragging.


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Did You Know?

This is my starry starry night………


I will host and register your domain and manage it See Services above


Why am I doing this? WELL I think everyone should have a presence on the Internet. EVERYONE. I think everyone should have a decent email address not  but like I think everyone should have their own space in cyberspace where they can say WHAT THE FUCK? or I LOVE YOU. As time goes on who your are will be defined by what your are in cyberspace, if it isn’t already. Its daft to get left behind and great fun too.


Kisses and Hugs

Dude / Philip


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‘Puta, Linden Labs & Blue Mars

When I turned 60 I received a lump sum of £3000. I re invented myself. I bought a Dell XPS. The great thing about Dell is that you can build it  choose  the components: video card sound, how much RAM , processor etc etc . (I built my fist computer in 1994 so I know stuff). So I got a pretty good ‘puta. It cost over £1800. It is still, 4 years later, top of the range. I bought a laptop last year ssshhh, long story. My puta sits on the floor at the back. My puta table, will tell the story >>>>>>>


I was living in my friends garden um mini glass house. Doing my Masters. It was 1989. I found this old table. Dirty blackened paint  It had pull out leaves! It was huge. So I thought “Cool I’ll make a coffee table” . I dragged it into the garden. Heavy. So i got my saw and cut the legs down to 18 inches. Jeez it was hard. The wood was so tough. I got out my scrubber and scrubbed all the paint off to the bare wood. Another hard job. Nice wood, yeah This was a cool table. I stood on it . It didn’t move. Great.

Graham came home and  I called him. ” Graham I got a coffee table, come see!”  We walked to the glass house. “There  nice table…” His face paled. He looked at me and said ” Philip thats a solid oak table and you cut the legs off. Give me the legs you cut off” Gulp. ooops. He gave me the table and made a sculpture out of the sawn off legs.

That was 23 years ago. I have lived in many places, England, Ireland.. When you move you lose  stuff. I never lost my table. It looks as good as new. Sometimes I  dance on it.

I was all set.

  1. twitter woke me up in April
  2. 10 years as a Probation Officer paid off
  3. Twinity fueled my imagination Twinity was my fist world.
  4. Second Life added Rocket Fuel. I joined . as Dude Starship
  5. Microsoft & Me built The Starship (Dude)

Buzz says:
 “To Infinity, and Beyond”

I got   a web site, long story short, I became a Domain Name Registrar  and I rented  my own web server  based in Texas. I started blogging using the 80 tld (Top Level Domains) I had registered, I had  dot coms for work dot org for help dot eu for europe. It cost $15 a year for a domain. I had an Empire. For fun I joined Second Life.I was 61. There was 1 club I used to go to. So did my Dj Softail. I had my own beach house 2 story nice. I had a harley (which I drove onto a crowded dance floor everyone screamed and laughed.) I had a pro account.  I had a full size Dragon hud from Wyrms. Microsoft accepted me onto their Bizspark program. I got ANY microsoft software for free.I could nominate 8 people to get the same. I worked very hard but could not get staff. I have about $5k worth of MS software on my ‘puta. I became part of MS Tech Support.

Then I had a problem in sl (Second Life)  so I issued a ticket. I sent all my puta  details. They replied ” We do not support Windows 7 ” I pressed them and pressed them even o to set up  a Microsoft second life support group as iI was padr of Tech Support for W 7.  Their final answer ” Go away we do not and never will ssupport Windows 7″. So I did. I went  to Blue Mars. A superior  world running te cry engine 2 (used for the best gaming) Very fast no rezzing ) I was one of the first on Beta. I was of course Dude Starship. (I had a female alt called Bitchy who dressed as a French Maid and beat up jerks who only wanted sex. No sex in sl btw). Heres a vid of some of my  friends me in a fedora and Bitchy. Prettiest girl in bm.




I was a guide. When someone arrived  Welcome area I would r them and show them around. I would be there for hours and hours nobody came. At most we would have 10 people in the whole place. It was terrible. I went into all the forums to shake them up. Maybe you know me. So I got into a few fights. Nothing changed.

Pause for a distraction.

So Blue Mars. I was there for about a  year as a guide. We never had more than ten people. We had great fun analysing and finding bones in Arcadia. A very special moment was when we  hooked up for a video conference with a University in England. Blue Mars is based in Hawaii., interactive, live. Us Avatars, lecturer real. The lecture is Jim Sink CEO of Blue Mars. talking  about Immersive Worlds. Its very interesting.

Here is the vid:



Then the CEO left and so did my friend Glenn who was the Social Director. Then they decided to make Blue Mars a mobile ap and no support for PCs. I was horrified. I go back now once in a while. I seldom find someone. None of my friends are online.

Then I got sick. Lost all my sites all my domains. A year later I got the all clear and went back to second life. Last week I got my first domain back Irish Secure.

I’m Back.

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Work In Progress

Installing  Community Pages….in progress

A Forum is installed here

Here is the first Forum post

In 1984, while reading Psychology at Brunel University,  I worked on a government led national network for the public to access job information via touch screens. In those days the computer department was run by Psychologists. In 1996 I became an ISP. In 2004 everything crashed including my marriage. I went mad and was hospitalised then became an alcoholic. In 2009 I re invented myself and became a domain registrar and web hosting company. In 2011 I got  lung cancer. They gave me a 5% chance of surviving. 4 months ago I got the all clear.

I’m back.

I have created this forum for people to post their loves, hates, concerns, desires wether it is in the “real” world or the “electronic” one. I make no distinction. I will try and help if asked. I have skills. One of the things I think people should do is to have their own domain. this will cost you somewhere in the region of $15 a year. Thats 20 cents a week. You can have your own web site and your own email accounts. I will help you. Hosting is free. Just about everything on the Internet is free. Why not? Answers on a postage stamp , bet you cannot fill it. Of course this Forum is a great place to say “Why not”.

This Forum  will be administered and moderated by myself until I can get helpers. My main domain Irish Secure, a name I have had since 1996, is  here [url][/url] and is embryonic. My blog is at [url][/url]. I am an avid Second Life user, Blogger, Movie maker.

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How To Change

Click to visit my book site

It’s a lonely road for those of us who choose to be remarkable, and the path of convention can sometimes be appealing. That path is paved with safe lives, middle of the road monotony, and little chance of failure. But where’s the fun in being like everyone else out there?


Click on the image to go to my book site. 64k reads, glad to share,  doin something right, I guess.  Most of the books there are classics.  Moby Dick The Dubliners Kurt Vonnegut Snow Crash …stuff….All out of print so no copyright issues. It takes some hunting. There is some of mine. Unfortunately Scribd have gone pro and are charging for some downloads. I think pdfs are ok. However I love having my own library. So I put up a library here. (Look on the menu UP) If I talk about something and there is a book or publication I will put it up on my  main site as a download. If you want a book please ask in a comment below. LOLOL I have my own Google Bots from when I was a researcher for them. I can find stuff.

How to change: I read this text some years back and started following the advice. Synopsis >

This is a manifesto that can literally help you take over the world. If you’ve ever wanted to invade a small country and become your own benevolent dictator, the next 29 pages will help you prepare to do exactly that.

If you have any other worthy ambitions, like starting your own business, becoming a successful artist, or something else, the report will also help with those goals.

You’ll also learn how your own personal goals can be directly related to helping other people. While you are pursuing your big ideas, you can also make a difference in the lives of others at the same time.

I’ll tell you a few stories of ordinary people who have been doing this in very unique ways, and help you get started with your own plan of attack.

Who Should Read This Report
I should warn you now that this report is not for everyone. In fact, it’s probably not for most people. Instead of writing for the general public, I spent about 35 hours writing these pages for a small minority of people interested in living life on their own terms while making a dramatic, positive difference in the lives of others at the same time.
In short, I wrote it for people who are serious about ruling—or at least changing—the world.
How this remarkable minority will end up taking over the world varies considerably. Some are artists of all kinds, from painters to writers to musicians; others are entrepreneurs who have started businesses that radically shift the way we live.

Some are professionals fighting to change the status quo in their industries, while others are involved in rewriting the rules in institutions especially known for being resistant to change, such as churches or universities. Still others are doing something completely different, perhaps something that’s never been done before.
It’s a lonely road for those of us who choose to be remarkable, and the path of convention can sometimes be appealing. That path is paved with safe lives, middle of the road monotony, and little chance of failure. But where’s the fun in being like everyone else out there?



You can right click and save this link : HERE Left Click will open a new Window.

Scared? You can glance at it below. There is a magnifying glass


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……and POOF

[04:57 PM] dudestarship2: y’knoe over three years i have made 247 videos on youtube
[04:57 PM] xxx: 🙂
[04:57 PM] xxx: i have never made one lol
[04:57 PM] dudestarship2: iover 95% of them , it ie only me
[04:57 PM] xxx: why did you think i was going to d ump you?
[04:58 PM] dudestarship2: i never have anyone with me
[04:58 PM] xxx: do you think we are a mistake?
[04:58 PM] dudestarship2: bbe cause i a always alone i can’t find anyine
[04:59 PM] dudestarship2: im feeling lost
[04:59 PM] dudestarship2: sorry
[04:59 PM] dudestarship2: i get like this
[04:59 PM] dudestarship2: it will pass
[05:00 PM] dudestarship2: i don’t want sex i want love
[05:00 PM] dudestarship2: i’m so sorry
[05:00 PM] xxx: its ok
[05:00 PM] dudestarship2: i feel so
[05:00 PM] dudestarship2: i’
[05:00 PM] xxx: alone
[05:00 PM] dudestarship2: fuc
[05:01 PM] dudestarship2: gimme a bit will take meds a bit
[05:01 PM] dudestarship2: gimme an hour
[05:01 PM] xxx: its ok i understand

[05:02 PM] xxx: im sorry too
[05:02 PM] dudestarship2: i hate being weak
[05:02 PM] xxx: maybe we rushed into this
[05:02 PM] xxx: you re not week
[05:02 PM] xxx: weak
[05:02 PM] xxx: im sorry i made you feel distraught
[05:03 PM] dudestarship2: not you you did nothing
[05:03 PM] dudestarship2: i want you to be my partner
[05:04 PM] xxx is Offline

You and your Second Life Partner have parted ways. xxx has decided to
end the partnership.

Best Regards,

Your Friends at Linden Lab

[Bold text mine]

Whenever I start getting close to a woman. I tell them I am bipolar, manic depressive. Subject to extreme highs and lows. They ALL say “It’s ok I understand” None of them do. The message I guess is that if you are mentally ill be prepared to get abused. They will stick the knife in and run. They will give you no explanation as to why they did it. This is the straight world. Be prepared to get taken advantage of. Normal people will not be tolerant. They hate disability but will never admit it. They pay lip service to being tolerant. They are not. You will forever be a second class person. So my message to all the disabled mentally ill people in the world :



List of people with Bi Polar Disorder:

Rigoberto Alpizar, shooting victim.[1]
Sophie Anderton, British model.[2]
Adam Ant, British musician.[3]
Emilie Autumn, American musician.[4]


Maria Bamford, American comedian.[5]
Andy Behrman, author of the book Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania.[6][7]
Max Bemis, frontman of the band Say Anything, spoke about his diagnosis in an interview with Spin magazine in 2006.[8]
Maurice Benard, actor. He has discussed his diagnosis with Oprah Winfrey, and has since become active in promoting bipolar awareness.[9]
Mary Kay Bergman, voice actress[10]
Ludwig Boltzmann, physicist and mathematician. He “suffered from an alternation of depressed moods with elevated, expansive or irritable moods.” [11]
Adrian Borland, British musician.[12]
Russell Brand, comedian and actor. “In a low-key admission at the end of the book, he says he was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder – manic depression – after he kicked the drugs for good in 2002 which goes some way to explaining his almost superhuman indifference to the chaos and catastrophe that almost lead him to obscurity.”[13]
Andrea Breth, German stage-director.[14]
Jeremy Brett, actor.[15]

Philip Bryan aka Dude Starship
Brotha Lynch Hung, American rapper. He has discussed his diagnosis in various songs and interviews. [16]
Frank Bruno, boxer; was hospitalized for a short period and is currently on lithium.[17][18][19]
Barney Bubbles, graphic designer.[20][21]


Robert Calvert, musician, former Hawkwind frontman.[22][23]
Alastair Campbell, press advisor.[24][25]
Georg Cantor, mathematician. Cantor’s recurring bouts of depression from 1884 to the end of his life were once blamed on the hostile attitude of many of his contemporaries,[26] but these bouts can now be seen as probable manifestations of bipolar disorder.[27]
Quincy Carter, American football player [8]
Dick Cavett, television journalist. “CAVETT: Both in hypomanic, which I have had, and incidentally, one has to admit many patients say I am cured now, I am fine. But I must say I miss those hypomanic states. They are better off where they are.”[28]
Iris Chang, historian and journalist for the San Francisco Chronicle.[29]
John Clare, poet.[30][31]
Kurt Cobain, musician. His cousin, Beverly Cobain, a “registered nurse (…) [with] experience as a mental health professional” and author of a book, When Nothing Matters Anymore: A Survival Guide for Depressed Teens ISBN 1-57542-036-8, stated in an interview: “Kurt was diagnosed at a young age with Attention Deficit Disorder [ADD], then later with bipolar disorder; (…) As Kurt undoubtedly knew, bipolar illness can be very difficult to manage, and the correct diagnosis is crucial. Unfortunately for Kurt, compliance with the appropriate treatment is also a critical factor.”[32]
Neil Cole, former Australian Labor party politician. “Associate Professor Cole was the first politician in Australia or overseas to admit to having a mental illness, namely bipolar mood disorder.”[33]
Rosemary Clooney, singer and actress.[34]
Patricia Cornwell, American crime writer.[35][36]
Robert S. Corrington, theologist. In his book Riding the Windhorse: Manic-Depressive Disorder and the Quest for Wholeness[37] he gives a personal account of his own struggles with the condition.
Michael Costa, former Australian Labor party politician and Treasurer of NSW. “Mr Costa said a number of state parliamentary colleagues approached him about their mental health problems after he publicly revealed his battle with bipolar disorder in 2001.”[38]
Vincent Crane, keyboard player of Atomic Rooster.[39]


Ray Davies, musician: is openly bipolar; also see his autobiography, X-Ray.
Disco D, record producer and composer. On returning to the United States from his 2005 Australian trek, Shayman went public about his struggle with bipolar disorder.[40]
DMX (rapper), has spoken openly about his manic depression.[41]
Mike Doughty, musician. First described himself diagnosed as bipolar in 2007 on his blog.[42]
Robert Downey, Jr., actor. [43]
Charmaine Dragun, former Australian journalist/newsreader. Misdiagnosed with depression. Inquest concluded she had bipolar II disorder.[44]
Richard Dreyfuss, actor, BBC Documentary.[45]
Patty Duke, actress.[46]


Edward Elgar, an English composer, many of whose works such as the Enigma Variations and the Pomp and Circumstance Marches have achieved enduring popularity.[47]
Florbela Espanca, Portuguese poet.[48]


Carrie Fisher, actress and writer. “‘I ended up being diagnosed as a bipolar II,’ says Fisher.”[45][49]
Connie Francis, singer.[50]
Stephen Fry, actor, comedian and writer. Fry was the center of the Emmy Award-winning documentary Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive in which he openly shares his experiences of living with the disorder and interviews a number of celebrities who suffer from it as well.[45]
Mary Kay Fualaau, American schoolteacher who had sexual intercourse with 13 year old student.[51]
Justin Furstenfeld, Lead singer of the band, “Blue October”.[52]


Alan Garner, novelist. According to the Guardian, “In The Voice that Thunders (Harvill), a collection of critical and autobiographical essays, Garner casts light on his writing and thinking, and the role that manic depression plays in his creativity”.[53][54]
Paul Gascoigne, English footballer. “His second book, released this year, centres on his therapy – for alcoholism, eating disorders, OCD, and bipolar disorder, among others.”[55]
Mel Gibson, actor and director.[56]
Matthew Good, Canadian musician. He first disclosed his illness in a personal blog. It was during the writing and recording of Hospital Music that he suffered one of his worst episodes.[57]
Philip Graham, publisher and businessman. “It had finally penetrated to me that Phil’s diagnosis was manic-depression…” Katharine Graham (1997), Personal History, p. 328; Knopf, 1997, ISBN 0-394-58585-2 (book has numerous other references).
Macy Gray, musician and actor. As documented in an interview with Saul Williams.[58][59]
Graham Greene, English novelist.[60] Extract from Graham Greene: A Life in Letters: “Greene was managing the impulses of bipolar illness, involving mood swings from elation, expansiveness or irritability to despair and would quickly be guilty of repeated infidelities.”
Ivor Gurney, English composer and poet.[61]


Beth Hart, Singer, songwriter, musician, painter. [62]
Terry Hall, lead singer of The Specials.[63]
Linda Hamilton, actress. Star of the Terminator movies. Was diagnosed at the age of 40.[64]
Robert Hansen, serial killer.[65]
Mariette Hartley, American actress, has publicly spoken about her bipolar disorder.[66]
Jonathan Hay, Australian rules footballer[67]
Ernest Hemingway, writer [68][69]
Kristin Hersh, musician, of rock band Throwing Muses, has spoken about her bipolar disorder.[70]
Abbie Hoffman, political activist: “Abbie was diagnosed in 1980 as having bipolar disorder, more commonly known as manic depression.” [71]
Marya Hornbacher, writer. Hornbacher wrote Madness, a memoir of her struggle with bipolar disorder, after writing Wasted, which detailed her eating disorder.


Jack Irons, drummer, formerly of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam.[72]


Jesse Jackson, Jr., American politician and son of civil rights pioneer.[73]
Kay Redfield Jamison, clinical psychologist and Professor of Psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, who profiled her own bipolar disorder in her 1995 memoir An Unquiet Mind and argued for a connection between bipolar disorder and artistic creativity in her 1993 book, Touched with Fire.
Daniel Johnston, musician: “Johnston’s output in his late teens and early 20s proved to be a symptom of his worsening manic depression.” The Guardian Unlimited, Saturday August 20, 2005: “Personal demons”, review of film, The Devil and Daniel Johnston:[74]
Andrew Johns, Australian rugby league player. Publicly announced his condition following retirement.[75]
Lee Joon, Korean actor and musician [76]
Chris Joseph, author of Manicdotes: There’s Madness in His Method.[77]


Chris Kanyon American professional wrestler.[78]
Kerry Katona, English television presenter, writer, magazine columnist and former pop singer with girl band Atomic Kitten. BBC.[79]
Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy has been open about mental health issues, including being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.[80]
Otto Klemperer, conductor.[81]
Margot Kidder, actress — self-described.[82]
Patrick Kroupa, writer and hacker, has been very open about his drug use and mental health issues, after his last heroin detox in 1999. He mentions bipolar disorder openly in several interviews.[83][84][85]


Debra LaFave, schoolteacher who had sexual relations with minor student.[86]
Vivien Leigh, actress[87]
Jenifer Lewis, American actress, spoke about her diagnosis on Oprah in September 2007.[88]
Bill Lichtenstein, print and broadcast journalist and documentary filmmaker, profiled in Time magazine, October 10, 1994.[89]
Jack London, American author [90]
Demi Lovato, American actress, singer, Disney star, revealed her illness in April 2011 in an interview with People magazine.[91][92]


Arthur McIntyre, Australian artist.[93]
Kristy McNichol, actress. The former child star and teen idol left the show Empty Nest due to her battle with the depression. McNichol later returned to the show for a few episodes during the series’ last season.[94][95][96][97]
Burgess Meredith, actor; with cyclothymia (milder bipolar disorder).[98]
Eric Millegan, actor, played Zack Addy on Bones. In 2009, Millegan released a YouTube video of how being bipolar affects his life. He has rapid-cycling bipolar disorder.
Kate Millett, author, The Loony-Bin Trip (1990) discusses her diagnosis of bipolar disorder, describing experiences with hospitalization and her decision to discontinue lithium therapy.
Spike Milligan, comedian.[99] Father of Monty Pythons Flying Circus
Ben Moody, musician. The former guitarist from Evanescence.[100]
Seaneen Molloy, Northern Irish blogger.[101]
John A. Mulheren, American financier, stock and option trader and philanthropist.[102]
Edvard Munch, artist.[103] “The Scream!”
Robert Munsch, author.[104]


Isaac Newton, mathematician/physicist: some sources say he had bipolar while others say he had schizophrenia. Uncertain. [105] [106]
Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher.[107]
Florence Nightingale, nurse and health campaigner. BPW “Florence heard voices and experienced a number of severe depressive episodes in her teens and early 20s – symptoms consistent with the onset of bipolar disorder”, Dr. Kathy Wisner, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.[108]


Sinéad O’Connor, musician. She discussed her diagnosis in a Guardian interview in 2010.[109]
Graeme Obree, Scottish racing cyclist. World hour record 1993. Individual pursuit world champion in 1993 and 1995. Cited in 2003 autobiography, Flying Scotsman: Cycling to Triumph Through My Darkest Hours and 2006 film.
Phil Ochs, musician.[110]
Bill Oddie, naturalist, comedian and television presenter.[111][112]
Cheri Oteri, actress. Saturday Night Live Cast Member. Cited in Shales T.& Miller A. (2002) Live From New York, A Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live.
Craig Owens, singer for American bands Chiodos, and Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows.[113]


Nicola Pagett, actor. Wrote about her bipolar disorder in her autobiography Diamonds Behind My Eyes ISBN 0-575-60267-8
Emma Parker Bowles, model.[114]
Jaco Pastorius, jazz musician. “Jaco was diagnosed with this clinical bipolar condition in the fall of 1982. The events which led up to it were considered “uncontrolled and reckless” incidences.”[115]
Jane Pauley, TV presenter and journalist. The former Today and Dateline host describes being diagnosed with bipolar disorder in her autobiography “Skywriting: A Life Out of the Blue”, which she wrote in 2004, as well as on her short-lived talk show.[116][117][118][119][120][121]
Fernando Pessoa, Portuguese poet.[122]
Edgar Allan Poe, poet and writer, may have experienced bipolar disorder.[123][124][125]
Jackson Pollock, American artist.[103]
Odean Pope, American jazz musician.[126]
Gail Porter, British TV presenter.[127]
Emil Post, mathematician.[128]
Charley Pride, country music artist. (autobiography) Pride: The Charley Pride Story. Publisher: Quill (May 1995). “Pride discusses business ventures that succeeded and those that failed, as well as his bouts with manic depression. He tells his story with no bitterness but lots of homespun advice and humor.”


Gabriele Rabel, botanist, physicist[129]
Rene Rivkin, entrepreneur.[130]
Barret Robbins, former NFL Pro Bowler.[131]
Axl Rose, lead singer and frontman best known for Guns N’ Roses.[132] “I went to a clinic, thinking it would help my moods. The only thing I did was take one 500-question test – ya know, filling in the little black dots. All of sudden I’m diagnosed manic-depressive.”
Richard Rossi, filmmaker, musician, and maverick minister, revealed for the first time in a live interview on the Lynn Cullen show on June 5, 2008 the link between his artistic productivity and his depression to bipolar disorder, stating that “my father was bi-polar one, and I’m bi-polar two.” He spoke of the relationship between creativity and the illness.


Robert Schumann, German composer[133][134][135]
Nina Simone, American singer. Interview with her daughter Simone, The Sunday Times June 24, 2007[136]
Frank Sinatra, American singer and actor. “Being an 18-karat manic depressive, and having lived a life of violent emotional contradictions, I have an over-acute capacity for sadness as well as elation.”[137]
Michael Slater, International Australian cricketer, forced to retire because of related symptoms.[138][139]
Tony Slattery, actor and comedian.[45] “I rented a huge warehouse by the river Thames. I just stayed in there on my own, didn’t open the mail or answer the phone for months and months and months. I was just in a pool of despair and mania.” BBC Documentary[45]
Sidney Sheldon, producer, writer; wrote about being a victim of bipolar disorder in his autobiography The Other Side of Me.
Tim Smith, rugby league player whose career with NRL side Parramatta Eels was ended due to his bipolar condition, and pressure from the media.[140]
Alonzo Spellman, American football player [9]
Peter Steele, frontman, Type O Negative.[141][142]
David Strickland, Actor, Suddenly Susan.[143][144]
Poly Styrene (real name Marion Elliot-Said), singer.[145]
Stuart Sutherland, British psychologist and writer[146]


Mackenzie Taylor, British comedian.[147]
Michael Thalbourne, Australian psychologist and parapsychologist.[148]
Steven Thomas, American entrepreneur.[149][150]
Gene Tierney, Academy Award nominated actress, Best Actress (1945).[151]
Devin Townsend, musician, Strapping Young Lad, The Devin Townsend Band. He took himself off of his medication to write lyrics for Strapping Young Lad’s album Alien.[152]
Nick Traina, singer,[153] “in the last year of his life, he began telling people he was manic-depressive.”
Timothy Treadwell, American environmentalist and bear enthusiast, featured in the 2005 documentary film by Werner Herzog titled Grizzly Man.[154][155]
Margaret Trudeau, Canadian celebrity and ex-wife of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau (deceased). She now travels Canada and other countries speaking out against the stigmas on mental illness.[156]
Ted Turner, American media businessman.[157]

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Jean-Claude Van Damme, actor.[158][159]
Vincent Van Gogh, artist.[160][161][162] (among numerous other hypotheses)
Townes Van Zandt, singer-songwriter.[163]
Mark Vonnegut, author.[164]


James Wade, darts player.[165]
David Walliams, actor/comedian/author/charity fundraiser.[166][167]
Tom G Warrior- Lead singer/guitarist of heavy metal bands Celtic Frost, Apollyon Sun and Triptykon [168]
Ruby Wax, comedian.[169][170]
Scott Weiland, musician. (Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver)[171]
Pete Wentz, musician. Fall Out Boy[172]
Delonte West, American basketball player[173]
Mark Whitacre, business executive described in the true story movie, The Informant.[174]
Brian Wilson, musician, founding member of The Beach Boys.[175]
Amy Winehouse, musician[176]
Virginia Woolf, writer.[177]


Catherine Zeta-Jones, actress, has bipolar II disorder.[178]

You are not alone Philip.

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The Chat Room

Second Life’s (sl) Chat room s divided into three elements in two windows. On the right is the name of the instigator :

LOCAL is where everyone in the local area chats. Friends and Instant Messages are displayed under local. Instant Messages are either between a person to a person or from a group you have joined.

In a chat room many abbreviations are used. Here is a taste:


[11:23 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ: ✰↑Good Morning↑✰   |
[11:23 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ: ….҈Bonjour…
[11:23 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ: ☼Hola☼A    | THIS IS CALLED A GESTURE. It is activated by a forward slash followed be an abbreviation
[11:23 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ: ✪ お早うございます ✪   |In this case it is /gm = good morning
[11:23 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ: ૐ Namaste ૐ
[11:23 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ: Hey
[11:23 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ: My rl & sl are fuseed   | rl = real life sl = second life fuseed = a spelling mistake for fused
[11:24 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ: Fused* | A correction format  = word plus *
[11:24 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ: brb   brb = be right back
[11:24 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ:  •✖•【 Huггץ  ßαck 】•✖• n | People in chat will say hb = hurry back or use a hb gesture
[11:25 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ: ……………doin stuff in rl or sl | an explanation
[11:25 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ: .
[11:25 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ: .
[11:25 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ: back   | You announce your return
[11:26 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ: ㋡ ->>༶|♫  Ŵëℓƈøмε ßαςк!!  It JuSt WaSn’T ThE SaMe WiThOuT YoU!! ☆|༶<<-㋡ A welcome back gesture
[11:26 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ: ty  | ty = thank you
[11:26 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ:    _      _                       _        _
[11:26 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ:    |  |   |  |                     |  |     |  |       | A WOOT gesture indicating happiness
[11:26 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ:    |  |   |  |   ___    ___  |  |_   |  |
[11:26 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ:    |  |/\|  | /  _  \ / _  \ |  __|  |  |
[11:26 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ:    \   /\   /  (_)  |  (_)  |  |_    |_|
[11:26 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ:     \/   \/  \___/\___/ \__|   (_)
[11:27 PM]  ĐŲĐĘ: Thes ar Gestures ok going to do my blog brb….
[11:27 PM]  Ðäńńęţţę ℱιяєℓутє is Offline  | In the local chat box I receive notification if a friend is online or offline


Here is a picture of the interface. Yes my partner and I are lying naked in bed.

The Chat window bottom left the avatar window various interface HUDS top right is a notification.

Getting the idea?


lhs the Person or group who are chatting…You click on  them to chat to them using the by typing in the “click here to chat bar” The highlighted ones mean there is new chat you have not seen. The local chat which is being displayed is chat that is going on in your local environment. See the notification of who is  on line. These are your friends.

Chat in local requires concentration as there maybe numerous threads.

This will help in a chat room >>>>>>….hmmm wait a sec…..




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Hello world! Its Dude

Now who is my audience? The general public? Ok An explanation for the GP. Second Life is a chat room.  It has sims, Areas where people go to meet. There is often music there, with a live DJ. You are an avatar. You can dance by yourself with  someone or as part of a group dance. You chat. You can own your own place. oh my good god watch a vid. My Island Paradise .


It is possible to have partners. I have one.


[04:19 AM]  ĐŲĐĘ:  ╔╦═╦╗───╔╗╔╗────╔╗
[04:19 AM]  ĐŲĐĘ:  ║║║║╠═╦═╣╚╝╠═╦═╗║║
[04:19 AM]  ĐŲĐĘ:  ║║║║║╬║╬║╔╗║╬║╬║║║
[04:19 AM]  ĐŲĐĘ:  ╚═╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝╠╣
[04:19 AM]  ĐŲĐĘ:  ────────────────╚╝

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