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Avatar creations is a new service for those who use a Second Life avatar for business or professional reasons, such as university and college academics, trainers and those with a Second Life Business. An ugly or badly created avatar will give your clients a lack of confidence and when you are presenting online to a class or a customer you need to look your best.

We take your newly born avatar and in one week we will present you with a full created professional avatar, complete with animations and a wardrobe for business and casual events. You also get a complete set of landmarks so you can go back to our suppliers and buy more of the best.

What you get:
– a skin and body, hair and eyes
– an AO with all the movements you need, complete with instructions for use
– wardrobe for casual events
– wardrobe for business events
– some fun free t shirts and accessories
– clothes will be in the best quality mesh design.

Your Avatar is not a temporary affair. Our avatars do not go out of fashion , style nor do they need upgrading. If something radically new does evolve you are on our client list and will be notified.

All these high quality classic Tee shirts are free. We will also sort out your profile picture


>Here’s an avatar we prepared earlier <


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