All I know is this: the ravens kiss my mouth,
the veins are tangled here,
the sea is made of blood.

All I know is this: the hands reaching out,
my eyes are closed,
my ears are closed,
the sky rejects my scream.

All I know is this: my nostrils drip with dreams
the hounds lap us up,
the fools laugh out,
the clock ticks out the dead.

All I know is this: my feet are sorrow here,
my words are less than lilies,
my words are clotted now:
the ravens kiss my mouth.

Charles Bukowski “The Rooming House Madrigals”

Its in the library





Allow me to introduce myself. My avatar is called Dude Starship. This arose from

earlier days when family names were chosen. The  first name could be anything.

I chose “Dude” as I am one.

In real life I am Philip Finlay-Bryan B.Sc (hons) Psych / Comp,  MA  C.Q.S.W. FRSA

nee Philip James Bryan. I am an Englishman  living in The Bog of Allen in Ireland.

I have been an  accounting machine salesman, a bartender& Dj, a nanny freak (evolved hippy), drug addict, world traveller,  Buddhist Monk, English teacher,Computer Programmer, pysch nurse, Behavioural Psychotherapist, Drug andAlcohol Counsellor, Warden in a Probation Hostel, Probation Officer, ISP, Web Designer, Movie Maker, Blogger,. Mad Person, Alcoholic, .

I have been married twice each time for 10 years. I have 1 daughter aged 19. She is a daddy’s girl. I am divorced. I can get by in Japanese and I am bold in french.

At 21 I experienced my first bout of serious depression. I have since been diagnosed as Bipolar Manic Depressive.

Its a love / hate / heaven / hell relationship.

I have the innocence of a child,  sex drive of a teenager, the stamina and enthusiasm of a 25 year old, the coolness of a thirty something, the humour of a Python, the knowledge and experience of a 63 year old and the wisdom to know  that hiding your light under a bushel is daft.

I run Windows 7 and Ubuntu (Linux) Ubuntu is way faster.

I use Singularity viewer for second life. Now using Firestorm to be compatible with my sl partner Storm Constantine

She is a poet and her site is JessikaJenvieve (dot) com

I have dedicated myself to Truth & Beauty. I laugh out loud a lot

Philip / Dude

Philip Finlay Bryan (dot) com – skype : dude.starship -Yahoo :

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wordpress : NowChangeYourLife – twitter @pjfbncyl – LinkedIn Philip Finlay-Bryan

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